Thamesford Merchant Wholesalers Durable Goods

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Canada Building Materials

Thamesford, Ontario
Telephone: 519-285-2583
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Holimar Sales

Thamesford, Ontario
Telephone: 519-285-2433
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Ro-buck Contracting Ltd

Thamesford, Ontario
Telephone: 519-285-2053
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Hillier Specialty Products Ltd

Thamesford, Ontario
Telephone: 519-285-2103
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Powerhouse Productions

Thamesford, Ontario
Telephone: 519-462-2941
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Thamesford Accounting Svc

Thamesford, Ontario
Telephone: 519-285-2499
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Thamesford Pharmacy

Thamesford, Ontario
Telephone: 519-285-2425
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Universal Ignition & Battery

Thamesford, Ontario
Telephone: 519-453-8711
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Aldesigns Inc

Thamesford, Ontario
Telephone: 519-285-3819
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Industries in the Merchant Wholesalers, Durable Goods subsector sell capital or durable goods to other businesses. Merchant wholesalers generally take title to the goods that they sell; in other words, they buy and sell goods on their own account. Durable goods are new or used items generally with a normal life expectancy of three years or more. Durable goods merchant wholesale trade establishments are engaged in wholesaling products, such as motor vehicles, furniture, construction materials, machinery and equipment (including household-type appliances), metals and minerals (except petroleum), sporting goods, toys and hobby goods, recyclable materials, and parts. Business-to-business electronic markets, agents, and brokers primarily engaged in wholesaling durable goods, generally on a commission or fee basis, are classified in Subsector 425, Wholesale Electronic Markets and Agents and Brokers.